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For all of our repairs we have a 1 year or 10 000 km warranty, whichever occurs first, for the parts affiliated with the repair or the fitting of them.
For our exchange units we have a 2 year or 10 000 km warranty, whichever occurs first.
For privately owned vehicles the warranty only applies for the current owner.
For workshops and other companies the warranty applies for the current owner/user/buyer.
Fitting of the transmission should be carried out in a professional manor by employees who have knowledge how to fit and adjust the transmission and its fluid levels.
Warranty void if fitted to a tuned vehicle, unless otherwise has been agreed upon.
Fitting must be done professionally
* The part should be fitted correctly according to the manufacturers specifications.
* Oil feed lines/pipes must be cleaned or replaced.
* Other faults that may affect the transmission must be fixed. Such as ABS or Engine faults.
* The correct tools must be used. The proper computer equipment is required to check for fault codes, adapt, update and reset basic settings.
* The car has to be test driven after fitting to make sure there are no oil leaks or other faults.
In the case of a suspected fault, Växellådsservice must be contacted immediately for evaluation and what measures are to be taken to fix the issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage.