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Flushing Automatic / DSG Transmission

We can now also offer flushing of your transmission with our Motorvac TransTech III tansmission flusher

After flushing your transmission you can expect smoother gearshifts and increased durability of your transmission.

An automatic transmission contains 8-10L of oil and in a normal oil change only about 40% of this oil is changed due to oil in the clutches, converter and valvebody not getting out. With a transmission flusher all the old oil gets flushed out and is 100% replaced.

Transmission oil isn't contaminated the same way as engine oil, however heat wears the oil out and it also contains residues from the normal wear on the transmission. This causes the transmission to not work optimally and wears the transmission out faster than intended.
We normally recommend to replace the oil every 60 000km or less depending on your driving style. We work using manufacturers recommendations and only use high quality oils.

A transmission flush can solve minor issues with your transmission, such as slightly bumpy shifts. However, a flush cannot repair mechanical or electrical faults within your transmission and if we're informed of or find an actual fault we will recommend a repair instead.