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shipping / Freight

We have agreements with several shipping companies, we mainly use DHL in Sweden, We'll book the freight for you and send you the necessary documents which you have to print out and have ready for when the shipment is due.
For the cheapest possible freight it is required that you have the transmission on a pallet with collars and a proper lid so that it's stackable. Otherwise you will have to pay for the maximum height (2200cm).
The usual price for a correctly packed pallet is  360-460kr +VAT in Sweden.
These prices are for a half pallet which is what you normally pack a transmission on, Normal pallets are a bit more expensive.
Extra fees may occur in case the pickup is inside a busy city or in a remote location.        
Oil spillage must not occur, the best way to prevent this is to empty out as much oil as you can and/or seal the transmission/part.
Oilspillage may also cause extra fees.

overseas shipping

We also book shipments from overseas using DHL Express / TNT. Please contact us for further information on this.