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Exchange Parts

We have certain parts available as exchange parts. This means we can deliver the part to you right away and you can send us the old part once the new one has been fitted. We do however require an approved core in return. This means a core that we can repair. It can't be completely destroyed from a car crash or something similar. If you can't provide an approved core we can still deliver the part but there will be an additional fee.

Exchange parts always have a 2 year or 10 000 km warranty unless otherwise specified.

Volvo Angle gear / transfer case

We have Angle gears for Volvo 2001-2004 ready for delivery. These are reinforced with new toughened steel splines. Other than new splines we fit new seals. Bearings and ring/pinion alignment are inspected.


These are Volvos own exchange part numbers which cover several other older part numbers.
Please contact us if you don't know which one you need and we'll help you.